A Story of Stillbirth- Birth

At 7:30 AM, my water broke and I pushed the call button. My nurse rushed in, and I told her, “either the catheter just popped out, or my water broke”. She checked, and it was my water. She said that doctor would be in soon, and I would be checked then. I sent Husbandman to get breakfast, because I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. I made him promise to not eat in the cafeteria and to come right back after he got his food. I sat and talked to mom for a while.

Five minutes after Husbandman left, I felt pressure. A whole lot of pressure. And like I had to go to the bathroom. (Apparently, that means that I felt like I had to push.) I told my nurse, who said that that doctor should be coming in at any time, but I asked her to do what she could to get him to come in. I needed the doctor to be there.

After what felt like forever, which really want’s long at all, the doctor came in. He explained that he was going to check me to see how close I was, and that I was probably ready for another dose of medication. He said that four hours after that dose, they would probably start a pitocin drip to help me progress further. In my head, the whole time he was talking, all I could think was, “No. I don’t need more medicine. It’s time for the baby to come now.”

He checked me, and as he removed his hand, he told the nurse to pull the cord, that it was time to deliver. I found out afterwards that after he checked me, Cora’s body was born. In two seconds, everything changed. Another nurse came into the room, and two other doctors materialized out of thin air. My nurse laid my bed all the way back, and Husbandman and my nurse held my hands. Momma stood at the head of my bed and stroked my hair. A senior doctor came in, because I was considered high risk because we didn’t know what happened to Cora.

Delivering her was a blur. I remember being confused and a little scared; Mom stroking my hair; Husbandman telling me that everything was okay; my nurse telling me that I was doing a good job. I don’t know how long the delivery took, but I knew that it was fast. The doctors told me to push, and I couldn’t figure out what they meant. I tried, and I guess it worked, because the epidural worked well enough that I didn’t feel much but they doctors told me I was doing well. After a few tries at pushing, I saw the doctor reaching for a scalpel, and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. I asked him, and he told me that he was cutting the cord. I didn’t even know that she was born until then, because she didn’t make a sound when her body entered the world.

I have never heard such deafening silence. I had spent seven months imagining what she would be like when she was born, and when it actually happened, my heart broke. Instead of being flooded with relief and more love for her tiny life, my heart learned what loss truly felt like.

It was 8:24 AM on August 7th. All that I could cling to was that I knew the first voices she heard were mine and Husbandman’s, but the first face that she saw was God’s.

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2 thoughts on “A Story of Stillbirth- Birth

  1. brittmoore84 says:

    While reading your posts, I feel a little bit like I’m reading my own story, as my sweet Brynn Emerson Moore was born still just 3 weeks before your precious Cora, at 27 weeks gestation. The time between finding out she was gone and delivery were very much the same and everything. My heart has gone out to you since Tina came to me with your story. She kept me up-to-date and the night they induced you, I actually had a really hard time sleeping because I knew exactly what you were feeling and the heartbreaking, yet oh-so-beautiful moments that were to come for you. Holding my girl for the first time was still the best moment of my entire life, even though it differed so much from the dreams I’d had for that moment.

    I enjoy reading your writing! Even though it’s the worst ever group to be in, I feel like angel mommies have a special bond and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this journey. Thank you so much for sharing your heart!!! ❤️


    • Carla says:

      Brittany, I have read Brynn’s story probably three times, and like you, I felt like I was reading my own story. Thank you so much for checking on me and for caring. It is encouraging and freeing to know that I’m not alone in loss, and that the emotions and pain that come with it is something that God uses in other people’s lives, too.
      Thank you for finding her story and for sharing. (Would you care if I looked you up and added your on FB?)


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