Months and months ago, we were overjoyed to share that we were expecting a baby in November.

Over the weekend, I noticed that our little girl was moving less and less. Monday, she didn’t move at all, and I waited until the night (her most active time of day). She didn’t move on Monday night, even when it stormed, and on Tuesday we went in to see my doctor to get her checked out. Her heart was beating well, but my doctor had concerns about what he saw on the ultrasound and referred me to UK hospital for an ultrasound with a high risk doctor on Wednesday.

After another long night of not sleeping and not feeling her move and trying my best to focus on work on Wednesday morning, we drove up to UK to have the ultrasound. Five minutes into the ultrasound, the doctor came into the ultrasound room, took my hand and told me that our baby had passed away. They couldn’t find her heart beat. I was 27 weeks pregnant, and had just started the third trimester.

We’ve spend the past several days in the hospital, and we’re home now with one less person than we expected. Our hearts are broken, but we’re thankful that God gave us the time He did with our little girl.

Her name was Cora Lorraine. She had her Daddy’s ears and feet, and my hands. She was beautiful.

Cora's Feet Square

We appreciate your prayers.

7 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Eva Cameron says:

    Your posts glow with the radiance of God’s love. May you rest easy in his arms at this time of pain and sorrow. We weep with you and your family as you begin this journey of life without your precious Cora. I’m holding you all in my prayers.
    Eva Cameron (Ellen’s cousin)


    • Carla says:

      Thank you so much, Eva. Our solace is that she is with the Lord and that we only mourn for ourselves.
      Our prayer for her was always that her life would honor God, and I hope to be able to do that through writing on this blog.
      Thank you for your continued prayers.


    • Carla says:

      Thank you, Ms. Sandra. This is the most difficult thing that we’ve ever walked through, but God continues to prove His loving kindness every day. We appreciate your prayers.


  2. Steve Bailey says:

    You don’t know me but Jacob may remember me visiting his family when he still lived with them in Brazil. I am a ministry colleague of Wayne and Ellen.
    I’m so sorry for your loss – your in-laws shared the news with us as well as this link. Please be assured of our prayers for you here at Encompass World Partners – the mission with which your in-laws serve. My prayer is that that both you and Jacob find comfort in the God of all comfort in these days. Psalm 62:5-8.


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