Go for a Walk

This post is part of the 31 Days Writing Challenge, in which a group of writers post a piece every day for the month of October. If you’re interested in catching up on the rest of it, click here.  

I really look forward to the weekends. I look forward to sleeping a little bit more, and to being able to spend extra time with Husband-Man. One of my favorite things to do is to go for walks with him.

And on walks, I don’t wait until the end. I practice being right where I am. And it’s lovely.

Day 18

What reminds you to take a pause and stop waiting for something?

2 thoughts on “Go for a Walk

  1. beks21 says:

    Isn’t it funny how certain activities have the ability to completely keep us in place? For me, it’s Zumba. There is literally nothing else I can do while in class – all my concentration has to go towards the movements and not dying 😉
    Great post, Carla!


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