What I Learned in September

Today, I’m linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky to share September learning.

  1. I would clean my house forever if I was allowed to listen to podcasts as much as I wanted. As it stands, Husband-Man feels neglected when my ear buds don’t leave my head for hours on end. I guess that’s why my house is just a little bit dirty.
  2. I LOVE Snap Judgement, an NPR podcast (see #1) that tells stories based on decision making situations. Be warned, sometimes the subject is not little-ears appropriate, but they always give a verbal warning before the segment. Check it out.


  3. Sometimes, foods that I crave (IE, copious amounts of chocolate, ice cream, cake, etc.) make me feel horrible. In the short run, while I’m eating it, it makes me feel comforted. But then… I get a stomach ache and can’t sleep. Or I feel like there’s something growing inside my stomach that is trying to get out (not a tiny human). It’s not worth it.
  4. I might be food sensitive (see #3). This month, I started trying an elimination diet to prevent an upset stomach, which I had been experiencing about 3-4 times a week. (Again, not due to a tiny human). I already knew that I can’t eat loads of dairy, especially just drinking straight milk, but this month we learned that Cheese-Its make me sick to my stomach. (But yogurt doesn’t?) Not cool.
  5. Lifting weights in my favorite. It makes me feel strong and comfortable. And it’s an activity that doesn’t require a lot of human interaction.
  6. Mayan Mochas are the bomb. Think chocolate, coffee, and just a little bit of spice (cayenne and cinnamon).

What did you learn this month?

6 thoughts on “What I Learned in September

    • Carla says:

      I’m so glad that I’m not alone šŸ™‚
      I think I learned to love listening to stories when I was a kid and we listened to Adventures in Odyssey every time we took a long trip. It made it feel so special.


  1. Joy says:

    I just now, this month, learned the glory that is podcasts while doing chores. Things slip by so fast now. #3 and #4, yup and yup. When my daughter was diagnosed with Celiacs we made the decision as a family to go gluten free, and would you know? I’ve since lost about 10 pounds in about two weeks (only changing gluten, not anything else). Gee, I wonder if i had a sensitivity. And the headaches are gone.


    • Carla says:

      I’m glad I’m not alone in my love of podcasts! I would LOVE to do one one day.
      Isn’t food interesting? My sister is gluten free, and my youngest brother is allergic to peanuts. Two of my cousins have Celiac, and I’m constantly amazed at how our bodies react to foods.
      I’ve been having to relearn my own system after I had an operation a few years ago, which seems to have triggered my issue with dairy. I’m eating less calories as a result, so I’m okay with it all.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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